Saturday, April 29, 2017

McCall 7542

This is my post about my version of McCall 7542 for the contest that McCalls is running through their social media sites. I learned about it through their blog and on the Facebook group page.
I had already purchased this pattern as soon as the Spring line was released. I just love all the sleeve variations. I chose a white and blue laser cut eyelet from the Gertie line at Joann's. Being an eyelet it would need a lining. I went with a white muslin. I settled on view C with the pleated sleeves. I made it in a size 16 with a C cup.

I started with the lining first so I could make sure the fit was right. I used a blue, water soluble marking pen for all pattern markings. I wanted to make sure everything was where it should be. 

As you can see in these pictures, everything fell right into place.

This is the marking pen I use. On a light colored fabric I mark right through the pattern to make sure they are precisely where they should be.

This fabric has a printed scallop design on the border that I wanted to accentuate so I made sure to line up the pattern to allow for that.

Here is a picture of the markings through the pattern.

I hemmed the lining with a slightly deeper hem than called for so it would be shorter than my main fabric.

I also did a stitch in the ditch at the shoulder to hold the lining in place.

The pattern called for folding the  fabric and creating an encased edge before pleating. Since I wanted a lightweight sleeve and to showcase the border I only did half the width.

After cutting to length and marking, I practiced my machine's shell stitch on some scrap to get the right setting.

I settled on these settings for my Brother machine to get the right scallop.

This is the result. Very close and it worked great.

Then I changed the settings to do a scalloped hem on my main layer for the blouse.

This is my scalloped hem on my blouse before trimming.

I trimmed close to the stitched edge, but be careful not to clip your stitches.

Then I pressed my pleats and basted across the top. Look how pretty these pleats are!

Here is the pleated portion attached to the rest of the sleeve.

I love it!

Here is the finished blouse. (Please disregard the hot pink bra on Suzie my dressform.)

A close up on the sleeve.

This is the back. It closes with a hook and eye.

I love how quick and easy this pattern was to bring together. Seriously, the hardest part was pressing the pleats.

The sleeves are so fun and flirty. I especially like the lightweight feel of this material. It is totally necessary in the Texas humidity and heat.

I can't wait to make my second version of this awesome pattern. Next up will be view A with the tulip sleeve. Come on back y'all!

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