Saturday, May 13, 2017

Another McCall 7542

Even though the contest is over, I still wanted to complete another version of this awesome pattern. This time, I made View A which has an exaggerated tulip sleeve, which I love! My hubby and I are heading out on a cruise in June and I wanted something fun and tropical for the occasion, so I chose a tropical shirting from Joann's and accented with a berry colored cotton covered piping I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I have also been participating somewhat in Me Made May by posting pics of things I have made for myself and I wanted to add something to that.

 I started cutting this out in my usual place, my kitchen. I am still waiting for my children to abandon a bedroom in order to have a sewing room. Eventually I guess.  My kitchen has been getting a lot of sewing time lately. My daughter has been sewing for her Disney trip to add to her Disney Bound wardrobe, I have been sewing when ever I have a spare minute, and my kitchen shows the signs.

Lots and lots of bits of fabric and thread all over the floor.

My kitchen table hasn't been eaten on in several weeks. LOL

The construction of this blouse went a little faster since I have made the basic shell portion previously. (See my previous post about this pattern.) The only difference on this one is that instead of lining it, I used the neckline facing. Since I wasn't adding a lining I did serge the edges of this blouse as well. Most of the pieces and seams I serged after construction. But for the sleeves I decided to serge the edges before I attached them since I was adding piping to the edges of the sleeve, and because it is a tulip sleeve which meant I would not have access to all seams after attaching them.

 To add the piping to the sleeves, I matched the unfinished edge of the piping with the serged edge of the sleeve. I then stitched very closely to the piping to make sure that it was a very close seam.
By sewing it in this way I ended up with what I felt is a more finished look to the sleeve.
This is prior to stitching, piping pinned in place, to show the effect I was going for.

This is after stitching showing how close the stitching is and the finished look.
This is me picking out the seam after I tried attaching it in a different manner and not liking the finished look.

 After attaching the piping I lapped the petals of the sleeve to get the tulip look that this view calls for. I love it because it is so cute and flirty. Keep in mind that basting is important when lapping the petals to keep them in place when you ease stitch and then when attaching.

The lapped petals creating the exaggerated tulip. So cute!

With the sleeves all constructed I attached them to the bodice portion of the blouse. It was so easy. With the sleeves attached I went ahead and tacked the facing to the shoulder seam. I just like the fact that this keeps it from folding up and bugging me when I am wearing it or after I wash it.

You can see the stitch in the ditch form the underside, but it completely disappears on the top.

Finished top out to lunch.

Aren't these sleeves fun?

 I received several compliments on this top while out and about in it today. I just love how fun it is. I also love that it was so easy to make. This particular pattern is such an easy construct that I highly recommend it to beginning sewists. The satisfaction from finishing it will definitely give the courage to continue on your sewing journey.

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