Sunday, January 7, 2018

Man, I am so far behind!


So, last time I posted was right after my cruise with my sweet guy. I have done a lot of sewing since then, but for some reason, just never got around to posting about it. So, I am going to do a project dump. If you have any questions about the projects shown, just ask. One of my goals for the new year is to be better about posting on here. So, I apologize, and hope I can do better form here.

Pokémon shirt I made for my nephew using McCall pattern #M6044 and fabric from #madewithfabric Also, the pokeball buttons were made by my daughter and I using shrinky dinks. He loved it!



This blouse was made using #M7436 in this beautiful crepe from and the skirt is #B5466 in a 21wale corduroy in navy that is also from


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This is from #B5211 in a foiled denim from I really loved the way this turned out because I can style it different ways just depending on what accessories I had. And a bonus is that this pattern is so super easy!

Pajamas I made for my younger daughter (on the left) and modeled before shipping by my older daughter. Fabric is a Doodles knit from and pattern is Butterick #B5667.


Image may contain: 5 people, people standing and text   This is Simplicity #1014 made is navy jersey knit and stretch velour from from the Glitterbug collection.


Leggings I made from the Glitterbug collection stretch velour as well in McCall #M6173. She wanted some leggings that were velvety soft.

  This is Butterick #B6388 in a Doodle knit fabric also from As you can see from the note on the picture, there are pockets in the pattern, but I did not like the way it hung after they were in. I still do not particularly like the way it turned out so I am going to try to make some alterations later to hopefully like it better before next Christmas season.




Christmas skirts for my girls and I. Made with fabric from my stash that was purchased in previous years. Can't tell you exactly wear. Most likely Joanns and Hancock. The patterns are McCall #M7197 #M7022 and another make of Butterick #B5466. The shirt with the appliques I made for my daughter using a metallic thread for outlining and WonderUnder to fuse to the shirt.

       This tree skirt and the stockings were made from McCall #M3777. I excluded the extra cuff at the top of the stockings. The fabric was from Joanns last year.


Image may contain: indoor  Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

These are pillowcases I made using a method off of Pinterest and made with more fabric from my stash. These I honestly can not tell you where they came from as they were accumulated over years.
And here is the link for the pillowcase method I used.

Of course I made pajamas for Christmas Eve for my rugrats. I used Butterick #B6296 for the girls and Simplicity #8022 for my son. I later went back and added patch to pockets to his after he complained because the girls had pockets and he didn't. LOL (Talk about a switch up). The fabrics are snuggle flannel from Joanns.



The last thing I made in 2017 was a laptop bag for my oldest daughter to take back to school with her. I used keepsake calico prints she picked form Joanns. The pattern I found on Pinterest here and it turned out great. Although I did somehow end up putting the top zipper in inside out. But it still worked and I decided it just made it more secure. LOL Daughter didn't mind so I left it.


Yeah I was a little busy. Didn't realize how much I hadn't posted until now. Now that the holidays are over, I will be starting again. I will definitely be posting about it my sewing more often. Thanks for going through my photo dump. Have a sew special 2018!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Cover Up from New Look 6452

I had a cruise coming up and decided I wanted to make a new swim suit cover up. I also found some perfectly cute pineapple woven cotton at Hobby Lobby that I just had to do something with. Perfect combo!! So, of course I had to find a pattern to serve the purpose. The one I decided on was this one...

New Look Pattern 6452 Misses' Tops with Bodice and Hemline Variations

I decided on View B because I liked the lace variation around the hem and neck line. However, I also knew I wanted it to be longer, more of a tunic length rather than a shirt. So I decided to lengthen it by 3 inches after measuring my back length and comparing to finished garment length on the pattern envelope back.

This is how I lengthened it. There was no marking on the pattern pieces for a lengthen or shorten option, so I decided to use the waist line marking as my spot. I very carefully cut the pattern pieces for the bottom portion of the tunic on the waist marking. I then took some brown postal paper and cut a 4 inch strip to tape to the back. I usually use tissue paper, but I was out of that so I had to sub.

After lengthening the pieces I went ahead and cut out all of my pattern pieces. See what I mean about cute pineapple fabric.

After cutting out my pattern pieces I wanted to restore the pattern to its original length. So I took my PAPER scissors and very carefully cut the tape along the line to very easily remove the paper extension. 

Then I carefully lined up the lines and taped it back together for future use. I only paid $1.99 for this pattern on sale, but I am incredibly cheap when it comes to patterns. Waste not want not.

I started assembling by attaching the interfacing to the collar pieces. I am lazy with this as well. 

I lay the interfacing down and then place the fabric on top to press it instead of using a pressing cloth. Ain't nobody got time for that. LOL

I did not want to set up my serger for this so I used an overcast stitch on my Brother sewing machine. My machine came with a snap on foot to do this, so why not? Setting up a serger is time consuming and as I previously stated, I was feeling like lay sewing.

This is what the stitch selection looks like on my machine.

This is what the foot looks like.

After finishing my edges prior to sewing I went ahead and started assembling everything. The pattern starts with the bodice which comes together very easily. After assembling the bodice it was time to attach my trim. I decided on a cute crochet edging with a fringe to it. I thought it looked kind of islandy.

I stitched right over the edge with a fabric matching thread instead of using white. I think it blended in better that way.

This is after attaching the trim to the bodice.

This is attaching to the bottom skirt edge prior to attaching the bodice to the skirt. The bodice and skirt came together super easy because there is practically no gathering. Score! All in all, if I had sat down and sewn it all at one time, It may have taken me 2-3 hours with pattern adjusting and cutting included in that time.

Here is my finished product on the lido deck on my cruise. I love how cute it turned out and it is super comfy.