Monday, June 8, 2015

Passing down the skills

My daughter wanted one of those cute jumpsuits everyone is wearing right now. Unfortunately, the shorts are always too short. It's like they think our girls need to wear shorty shorts everywhere they go. So, of course, being the sewing Mamma I am, I suggested she make one that we can tailor to her needs. She liked that idea, so she chose a pattern at Hancock Fabrics during one of their pattern sales. (Pattern sales are pretty much the only time I buy patterns, unless absolutely necessary.) 

After choosing her pattern, she chose a beautiful coral crepe material.

She loves the Project Runway patterns. This one is 1158, from Simplicity. She likes these because they come with a design page in the pattern.

She can choose which sleeve, which bodice, and which pant she wants. It also makes it super easy to customize the pattern to get exactly what she wants.

So, after laundering the material she set out to get her pattern pieces ready. Once that was done it was time to cut. She had a little trouble understanding the cutting lay out and the importance of fabric grain. So I explained it. Following the grain of the material ensures the drape, ease, and stretch of the fabric match up and helps make sure everything hangs or drapes properly. It also helps in avoiding puckering when sewing.

Here she is after her fabric grain and cutting layout lesson. She got the idea and decided I might know a little bit about sewing. So, she decided to follow my advice and it turned out OK.

We took advantage of the borrowed dressform and pieced the bodice on there as we went along.

Other than a few broken needles and an instance of seam ripping, she did well. I did step in a few times to help when she got a needle stuck and when the waistband wouldn't cooperate, but she did it herself.

When she was finished it all came out beautifully! The color and design look great on her, and we were able to lengthen the shorts to allow for a more modest design.

She received plenty of compliments at school, as well as surprise that she made it herself. I am one proud Mamma!

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