Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer dress and first time

So, I wanted to make a cute summer dress for my missionary daughter who is currently serving in Virginia. Since she is in Virginia fitting the dress to her was going to be a challenge. This means I need to have my first time.....using a dressform. I consulted my friends and found one with a small dressform she was willing to let me use. (Thanks Amy!)

So, with pattern, fabric, measurements, and now dressform ready, I started in on the dress. When I say fitting my daughter would be a challenge, I mean lots of alterations are usually needed. She has a very tiny waist, but has been blessed in, ummm, other areas. We will say she is curvy, thin, and short. 

I decided on using a McCall pattern I have had for a long time. Very simple to pull together and very versatile depending on what you decide to make it out of. 

Once I decided on the pattern I found a cute, summery, but not floral fabric.

Once I had everything cut out I started adjustments on the dressform. Putting the hips and waist on the smallest setting, and adjusting the bust accordingly I saw I would need to adjust all the darts by about 1 inch more to bring the waist in so the dress would not hang like a sack. Once I had alterations marked I started assembling. And this dress comes together so fast! By fast I mean, I got it put together with the exception of sleeves and hem in 2 hours. Yes, I am an experienced sewer, but I believe even a novice could do this dress in a day.

Here is the dress before sleeves and hem.

As you can see, I had a bright pink piping to the collar.

I finished up the following day by adding in the sleeves, hemming, and putting in the hook and eye.

I added piping to sleeves as well for a finished look. All in all I love the way this dress came out, and I can't wait for pictures of my sweet missionary in it.

***pattern McCall 2401, fabric from Joann's

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