Friday, April 10, 2015

Prom corsage

So, I didn't exactly take pictures through out the process, but I made the corsage for my son's date for prom tonight. We bought our supplies at Michael's. She wanted a wrist corsage, so we started with a pearl wrist corsage base that you can find in the wedding accessory section. I added a nice variegated, sparkly, wide ribbon followed by a gold sheer ribbon. Then I added the small white flowers. I placed the large flower in the middle of all of that and added ribbons between the petals and the butterfly clip to a top petal. 

I will say, this was not the first attempt. I had actually put it all together, looked at it, hated it, then pulled it apart. Thankfully I worked fast enough that most of the hot glue had not completely hardened. It was easier to pull apart that way.

So, after a first failed attempt I created this, which my son thinks is perfect for his date. I hope she agrees.

Just as a side note, the large flower came colored that way. I did not dye or paint anything. 

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