Monday, May 20, 2013

The "last minute, gotta have it now, make me look pretty Mommy" dress

So, like I said before, my sweet daughter needed an all white dress for he end of year concert for choir. The concert was on Thursday night. I started cutting on Monday and sewing on Wednesday night. Thankfully it was a fairly easy pattern. Gotta love those.
The title on it says easy, and I will say, for the most part, it was. My biggest challenge came in the form of the fabric. See, my princess wanted it to be full white eyelet. No problem. I like eyelet. It's pretty, very dainty, and girly in my opinion. Perfect for my girl . We found a very nice one on the Joanns website and sent my Mom to pick it up since she could get an additional discount on the fabric. (side note: PSA Joanns has senior discounts on Wednesday. It is applied on top of any other sales or coupons. Check with your local store for details.) Well, wonderful idea, except that since I was not there to check the fabric, it was discovered after washing and getting ready to cut, that the eyelet design does not extend to the salvage edge. So, let this be a lesson to all of you. Double check not only the width of your fabric, but the extension of the design on said fabric.
Thankfully, this problem was remedied easily enough by just buying more fabric. But I had not planned on that. So, I ended up buying fabric to cut out the skirt so I could start sewing. Here is the very pretty paisley eyelet from Joanns.
Like I said, very pretty fabric. Perfect for her dress. The thing to remember with an all over eyelet print, is you will need a lining fabric for it as well. This was also a small issue because my Mom thought the more opaque the better. Which means the lining fabric was a little heavier than I had planned. I asked for symphony broadcloth, but ended up with something closer to a twill. Lesson learned, discount is good. Better if you go with your "senior" to make sure you get what you need for the discount. We made it work though. And for sure, no one will see ANYTHING through that dress, and chances of a gust of wind causing an embarrassing moment are pretty close to nil. But, my daughter loved the dress. It took me about 6 hours from start to finish and I am very happy with the results. Everyone thought she looked beautiful. She felt like a princess. And everyone was happy. So, here is the picture of the "last minute, gotta have it, make me look pretty Mommy" dress on my princess. She truly felt like a soprano virtuoso ready for her spotlight performance. Mission accomplished.

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