Monday, May 13, 2013

My dreams are coming to fruition

There is a fabric I saw on another blog about a year ago. I have thought about it ever since. Dreamed about what I could do with it. And everytime I saw it at the store would imagine what I would do with it. What is this amazing fabric that had me so captivated for a year, you ask. Well here it is

                                               It's Multibrush Strokes Charmeuse - from Joann's


So, I actively started looking for something to make with this. I just had to do something with this fabric. See it running through my sewing machine. I finally decided on a dress pattern I found on  Here it is.


Last week, I went to Joanns and bought the fabric and pattern and proceeded to bring my dream to life. I washed the charmeuse and lining in cold water on a gentle cycle to make sure it was ready to be used. This step is one I never skip. I makes sure the fabric is preshruck so you don;t get puckering after you have made the garment and wash it. Different fabrics will shrink or not shrink in their own way.

After washing my material, I folded it and hung it on a hanger to wait while I read through my pattern to make sure I knew where to start. I also needed to find time to be able to ignore, er I mean, occupy my family so I could have my sewing therapy time. This usually happens on Wednesday nights when my kids go to Mutual at church and my husband catches up on his NCIS episodes.

Finally Wednesday night came and I cut my pattern pieces out and laid out my fabric. I did make a small alteration to the design I was going to use. I wanted the neckline of View B with the sleeve length of Vuew C, so I cut the sleeves accordingly. This is the fabric laid out on my table as I placed my pattern pieces.

That night I was abe to get all the main pattern pieces cut out, but not the lining. The lining I cut out a few days later. So today, I had some extra time this afternoon and went to work on my dress again. Here are pictures of the outer portions of the dress assembled.

This is coming right along. I just love the flow of the fabric and the way the colors just jump out at you. It is such a fun, bright, and happy fabric. I can't wait to wear it. But, first thing is first. I need to finish the dress. So I spent every moment I had sewing and pinning and getting it all put together the way I wanted. I had some trouble with the zipper, as I decided to do an invisible zipper...then after having to rip it out a few times, decided a regular zipper would do just fine. (Hey, sometimes you just have to admit when you're beat.)
        I hemmed the lining about 1 1/2 shorter than the dress itself. I finished the hand work on the sleeve openings, and then I was done.

I just love the way this dress came out. It is so fun and colorful. My daughter said I looked like a bird. (Who cares what a 14 year old girl thinks) I told her I was a rare tropical Macaw. LOL Then I decided I felt more like a butterfly. Either way, I am so very happy with the dress and can not wait to wear it again.


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