Friday, March 6, 2015

Sewing for my missionary

So, my oldest daughter is currently serving a mission for our church in West Virginia/Virginia area. She took plenty of warm winter clothes with her, but before she left she picked out some spring time fabrics she wanted made into some cute spring and summer outfits out of. As luck would have it, a week or so ago, Texas had a freaky weather time and I ended up with a day off of work where I had nothing to do but sit at home and sew. In otherwise, a perfect day! :)

I started out with the skirt, which she had chosen a purple sateen cotton with an aqua/tealish sateen cotton for accent. She had chosen McCall 5591 for her skirt. I always try to buy my patterns when Joann or Hancock has them on sale for $1.99 or less. This is a big help since patterns can get expensive. The fabric was purchased on sale and with a coupon, so still more savings.


 This is the Sew Classic Bottomweight Stretch Sateen that we used. It was so easy to work with!
M5591, Misses' Skirts and Sash
This is the pattern I used and she chose to combine the pleats of View C with the waistband of View B. The pleats actually come together very easily. They are wide and the pattern clearly explains how to berng them together.
Once I had the skirt together I was able to start on the shirt. For the shirt she chose McCall 6035. She chose a light weight cotton from the Keepsake Calicos at Joann.

M6035, Misses' Shirts
This is the pattern she chose. She chose the short sleeved version.
I tried to find a swatch of the fabric, but apparently it is sold out or something. But I can tell you that this shirt came together so fast. The key I found was to make sure you clip the curves, as there are several, which makes everything lay nicely as you sew. It also makes it fit better and gives a better appearance. I chose to use purple translucent buttons for the front of the shirt to bring out the purple butterflies in the print.
Here is the finished project. My younger daughter was gracious enough to model it for me as her sister is across the country.

Here is the skirt on the hanger. I love the pop of color from the aqua/tealish sash.

The blouse in production. This was before the sleeves and collar.

 I will be shipping this out to her soon and can not wait to hear how much she loves it!!!

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